Two Kinds Of UK Red Second Hand Copy Breitling Chrono-Matic Watches With New Appearance

The Miracle Milestone Of Mechanical Watch

To celebrate the first automatic movement come out of the 40th anniversary, Breitling launched two new black bezel fake Breitling Chrono – Matic Limited Edition, its appearance is inspired by the original one in 1969 and also equipped with the precious consecutive four-year calendar or calendar.

white dial fake Breitling Chrono - Matic 1461

For 1969, it is a major of the aviation industry, for it has witnessed the first fly of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet and the supersonic Concorde aircraft, the two legendary aircrafts left an indelible imprint in aviation history. But, in 1969, it was also a year of great significance for watchmaking, because the luminous scale replica Breitling launched the first automatic movement, on the basis of the invention, that successfully developed the replica Breitling Chrono – Matic series.

black rubber strap copy Breitling Chrono - Matic QP

Two Limited Editions With Calendar

The first one with the stainless steel case that adopted the special calendar system, just on a leap year adjusting the calendar, so it can “memory” 1461 days, it would also be so named the copy Breitling “Chrono – Matic 1461” (1461) watch. The second one with the halfback design, that used the rose gold case. This copy Breitling “Chrono – Matic QP” watch is a miniature of fine arts, that made up by more than 500 parts.